• Rabbit Food

    • 10.00

    Cucumbers, avocado, sprouts, asparagus and yamagobo roll served with a creamy sesame dipping sauce

    Rabbit Food
  • Baby Cone Head

    • 10.00

     Tempura fried Japanese eggplant roll with cucumbers and avocado, served with a sweet and spicy ponzu

    Baby Cone Head
  • Veggie Crunch

    • 11.00

    Asparagus tempura, cream cheese and cucumber topped with avocado, crunchy tempura flakes and a sweet soy

    Veggie Crunch
  • Mr. Potato Head

    • 11.00

     Tempura fried Okinawa sweet potato, cream cheese and avocado topped with inari tofu and a sweet so

    Mr. Potato Head
  • Kappa

    • 5.00

    Cucumber roll

  • Ume Shiso

    • 5.00

    Pickled plum with Japanese mint leaf

    Ume Shiso
  • Avocado Roll

    • 5.00

     Avocado roll

    Avocado Roll
  • Q and Avo Roll

    • 5.50

    Cucumber and avocado roll

    Q and Avo Roll
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